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As part of our legal assignments as defined in the Act of 18 July 1991 governing the review of police and intelligence services and the Coordination Unit for Threat Assessment*, such as handling complaints, we, the Standing Committee I as the data controller, process your personal data such as, for example, your identification details and contact details.

We keep these personal data for as long as necessary to process the file or to comply with legal obligations. In certain cases, we share such data with other public services or competent authorities, for example in the context of a data protection complaint (for more information, see the data protection cooperation protocol of supervisory authorities). More information on how we handle reports and complaints can be found here*. In certain cases, you have the right, for example, to amend or supplement your personal data. Given that we are bound by certain legal restrictions in the context of data subjects' rights (for more information: see the law of 30 July 2018, e.g. articles 14 and 45), we cannot facilitate certain rights, such as the right to access in certain cases. In the context of our organization’s processing of your personal data, you may lodge complaints with the Data Protection Authority (DPA). However, for our powers as data protection authority for intelligence and security agencies, among others, the DPA is not our regulator.