The Standing Committee I is a collegial body consisting of three members, including a Chairman. The Committee is assisted by a Secretary and his administrative staff, and by the Investigation Service.

Chairman and the two counsellors

The chairman and the counsellors of the Standing Committee I are appointed by the Chamber of representatives for a renewable six-year term. Two substitute members are appointed for each of them. The Chairman must be a magistrate. He chairs the meetings of the Committee and deals with the day-to-day management of its activities.

The current chairman of the Standing Committee I is Serge Lipszyc, a magistrate. The two other members Linda Schweiger, general advisor to the Ministry of Defense and Séverine Merckx, legal advisor. 

Substitute members

Vanessa Samain and Didier Marechal have been appointed as first and second deputy chair(wo)man. Filip Vanneste has been appointed as second Dutch-speaking substitute member. Thierry Werts has been appointed as first French speaking substitute member and Michel Croquet as second French speaking substitute member.

Secretary and administrative staff

The Standing Committee I is assisted by a Secretary who is responsible for the secretarial work of the meetings of the Committee and for protecting the secrecy of the documentation and archives. He is accountable to the Standing Committee I and is also responsible for managing the administrative staff.

Frédéric Givron is the Secretary. He also makes up the registry of the Appeal body for security clearances, certificates and advice. There are 18 people in the administrative staff and they are responsible for supporting the Standing Committee I.

Investigation Service

The Standing Committee I can use its Investigation Service for its supervisory investigations. This department is thus the most visible component of the Standing Committee I in the field.

Besides, the Investigation Service can be put in charge of judicial assignments on the request of the judicial authorities. On its own initiative or an request of judicial authorities, it can investigate members of the reviewed services who are suspected of having committed a felony or misdemeanour.

The Investigation Service currently consists of 7 commissioners who all hold the capacity of judicial police officer, assistant public prosecutor.

One of the commissioners is currently leading the service ad interim.

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