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The Standing Committee I and its Investigation Service have many competences. For example, the intelligence services, the Coordination Unit for Threat Assessment and the supporting services are obliged, on their own initiative, to provide the Committee with all documents governing the conduct of the members of the service, and the Committee may request any other text. The fact that many documents of the intelligence services are classified in accordance with the Act of 11 December 1998 [pdf] on classification and security clearances, certificates and advice, does not exempt from supplying these documents. Indeed, all employees of the Committee hold a top secret level security clearance.

The Committee can also audition anybody. The members of the reviewed services may be summoned if necessary and required to testify under oath. Furthermore, the  Committee can make all useful findings and seize all objects and documents in any location. Finally, the Committee can request the assistance of experts and interpreters, and the assistance of the police.

However, it should be noted that the competences of the Standing Committee I vary according to the assignment fulfilled.