Reports are made of each investigation. The report describes the investigation activities in general terms and contains the conclusions on the texts, activities or methods that could jeopardize the protection of the constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms of citizens, or the coordination and effectiveness of the services reviewed. The reports also contain recommendations to remedy any shortcomings. These reports are first sent to Parliament and the competent ministers. The Standing Committee I can decide to make all or part of its investigation reports public.

  • In the context of the investigation on Edward Snowden’s revelations, the Standing Committee I called on external experts i.e. PhD Mathias Vermeulen (“Les révélations de Snowden, interception massive de données et espionnage politique. Etude des sources ouvertes”, 23 Oct. 2013) [here] and Prof. Annemie Schaus (“Consultation sur les règles en vigueur en Belgique en matière de protection de la vie privée eu égard aux moyens autorisant l’interception et l’exploitation à grande échelle de données relatives à des personnes, organisations, entreprises ou instances établies en Belgique ou qui ont un lien avec la Belgique”, 27 Nov. 2013) [here]. These expert reports were discussed on 12 March 2014 at the meeting with the senatorial Committee responsible for monitoring the Standing Committee I. They do not necessarily express the positions of the Standing Committee I.
  • Investigation report on the way in which the Belgian intelligence services collect, deal with and analyze information on politicians and on the way they report to the competent authorities [pdf]
  • Conclusions and recommendations of the investigation into the way in which the Belgian intelligence services consider the necessity of protecting the information systems against foreign interceptions and cyberattacks (2011) [pdf]
  • Investigation report on the way in which the Belgian intelligence services dealt with the phone-tapping incidents in the offices of delegations to the European Union Council in Brussels (2010) [pdf]
  • Investigation report on the way in which State Security and the GISS dealt with the case of the export of equipment to Iran (2009) [pdf]
  • Investigation report on a complaint lodged by a citizen regarding the interference by the State Security about him (2008) [pdf]
  • Investigation report on the way in which the intelligence services follow the activities of the Neonazis, and especially the selection and running of the informants in this context (2008) [pdf]
  • Investigation report on the potential follow-up by the intelligence services of the sale of a Belgian company to a foreign group (2008) [pdf]
  • Investigation report on the way in which the General Intelligence and Security Service has followed the election campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during the first semester of the year 2006 (2008) [pdf]
  • Investigation report on the so-called "reserved files" at State Security (2008) [pdf]
  • Report on the investigation into the monitoring of radical Islamism by the intelligence services (2007) [pdf]
  • Investigation on the way in which State Security performed its reviewing role with respect to Mrs F. Erdal (2006) [pdf]

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